Middle East is known for its deserted fun and activities, but Doha has some of the most stunning beaches. These beaches are easy to reach and you can enjoy plenty of activities like swimming, boating, and bonfire at night. Remember one thing, you have to follow a specific dress code while enjoying at these beaches because it is an Islamic country. On the other hand, there are so many amazing villas, resorts, and hidden bays that you can uncover. If you are thinking to explore Doha this year then start from beaches. Managing travel expenses can be difficult but you can make it possible with the backing of coupon.ae, offering discounted deals like Emirates voucher code. By exploiting this voucher, you can reserve your plane seats and luxury lodging in a minimum cost. We have listed some top best beaches of Doha that fill your adventure with fun. Let’s start this travel guide.

Katara Beach:

This beach is situated in the heart of Doha city and really easy to access. It hosts many cultural events every year and provides myriad of adventurous activities like knee-boarding, parasailing, waterskiing, boat rides, and much more. It has several entertainment stalls in its surroundings. It also has several delicious restaurants. The accommodation options are endless near this beach. So, don’t fret about lodging.

Four Seasons Beach:

Many beaches in Doha are attached to luxurious hotels and this one has no exception. This luxury hotel is connected to a private sand beach and five pools. So, you can get the both resort and beach feel at the same time here. So, you can get every type of amenity from the hotel services. This amazing beach is a must-visit place with family or friends. What more could you ask for?

Umm Bab Beach:

It is also known as Palm Tree Beach and a great beach for families. It features a cluster of palm trees and attractive Caribbean feel. It has a dedicated area for children where they can enjoy all day long. There are various small shops out there for light refreshment. Want to see this beach ASAP? Book your flight at nominal rate with the utilization of Emirates voucher code sourced from coupon.ae.

Inland Sea:

This world famous location is a must-visit for everyone especially beach lovers. This picturesque sea is really astonishing due to its crystal clear water and sand dunes. It is such a wonderful sea and admired by UNESCO. It is a great spot for families and friends and you can enjoy all day long here. So, don’t skip this location.

Al Thakira Beach:

Here’s another public beach in Doha and famous for its natural environment and feel. We also like its wildlife nature and offers so many water activities including kayak. You can get easy access to shops, restaurants, and hotels from this beach. Acquire ultimate reduction on flights with the support of coupon.ae after taking benefit of amazing deal like Emirates voucher code.